Since the beginnings of OTW Discipleship we constantly  been asked questions by individuals and churches on discipleship.  These questions have ranged from trying to understand what discipleship actually is to how to practically implement disciple-making into everyday life.

Through years of these conversations we have seen how confusing and complicated we have made discipleship.  Our desire is to lead people back to the simple plan that Jesus modeled for us 2,000 years ago.  Our goal with simply discipleship is to explain, equip, encourage, and exhort people to make disciples.

Through our writing resources we hope to provide practical teaching and encouragement to believers all over the world.  Through our conference and workshops we are looking to develop people in some of the skills of discipleship.  And through our gospel-partnerships we walk with a church for 2 years helping them implement a disciple-making culture in their church.

Our vision is for a disciple-making revolution.  To move past our comfort of the Christian life into the mess of discipleship and watch God multiply the work.