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I Felt Small

by Don Stubbs on July 03, 2018

As I was talking with my good friend and asking her questions as to what she thought would be a good blog, she recounted a story of her recent vacation. Her and her husband were out west in Utah and she noticed some rock formations. And in that moment she thought the God she loved and followed created these formations; not only these formations but everything around her, the vastness, the awesomeness, yes, everything. And in that moment she said she felt small. Now what she meant was that she understood how big her God was, how incredible her God was. You see, sometimes we need to have our eyes opened to how incomprehensible God is. 

 Now I know that we can get caught up in the mundaneness of life. We get up, we go about our daily routine, and in the midst of all of that our God can often time become small. So maybe we all need to take some time to stop and see the rocks. Or even more so go stand at the ocean, or see the great canyons, feel the mist of the great waterfalls, stand next to the great redwoods. Because sometimes we need to see the great big things that our God has given us so we can remember how small we are, and how big He is.

 I feel we were created to know that our God is big. But that’s a hard thing to do when we forget that we are small, and in this case I think it’s good to be small so we never forget that our God is big.