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Fresh Baked Scones

by Don Stubbs on August 23, 2018

Fresh Baked Scones


It is Friday morning. I’m in Soldotna, Alaska and I walk into a coffee shop called Small Town Coffee Roasters. Now this is my second visit to this coffee shop. I was here a year ago and that experience caused me to return during my stay this time around. I’m with a few friends and as we are ordering our coffee, the barista stated that the blueberry scones would be out of the oven in twenty-five minutes. That was all she needed to say; my decision was made - we would wait for the scones. No other food or pastry was going into my mouth. I wanted those hot blueberry scones and I would gladly wait for them. To me they were worth it.


You see, on my first visit a year ago, I happened to walk in just as the hot black raspberry scones were coming out. I tried them and they were the best scones I had ever had. So this time around when the barista said the scones would be coming out in twenty-five minutes there was no doubt I would wait. Not only did I want those scones, I wanted my friends to taste them and enjoy them with me.


Now in my life I have found this to be true. When I know that something has great worth to me, I want to share it with others, and the greater worth it has to me, the greater my desire to share it. I have found no thing or person of more worth than Jesus Christ. I often think of how much He has done for me, how much He has loved and has given for me. I know that my life without Him would be empty and hopeless. It would be self centered and self-seeking. It would lack direction and purpose and the ability to truly put others before myself. I could go on and on about all that Jesus has done for me, but I think what I want to say is this. Jesus Christ is of more worth to me than any other, and there is no other who is worth your full allegiance and your full devotion.


No matter how hard your life is or may be, in Jesus you will find all that you can ever hope for or ever need. So if you have drifted away, or if you have never put your trust in Him, today turn to Him, and find the incredible worth that is Jesus Christ.